Speshial shop, selling power led, led grow lamps

LED lamps

Speshial shop, selling power led, led grow lamps

LEDs - the most efficient and environmentally friendly source of light

The advantages of LED lighting technology are unique. First of all, it is worth noting the tremendous efficiency of LED sources, their safety and high efficiency. LED lamps do not have harmful components of parts and radiation negative for the human body. This is a new lighting technique, more vibration resistant and reliable. Allows you to set the operating temperature range from -60 to + 40 ° C. The term of continuous work is calculated by tens of thousands of hours. Modern technologies allow you to produce these products in a wide range of color shades and capacities.

LED plant lighting

Thanks to all these advantages, the LEDs will not be difficult to buy today, however, choosing these products, you should give preference to world manufacturers who have proven themselves in the market from a positive side. Due to the fact that LED light sources have the same properties as natural light, it is recommended to buy powerful LEDs for plants at an affordable price for farm and greenhouse farms. It is best to buy LEDs for these purposes with a power of 1W or 3W with a long wave of 660 nm and 440 nm, as they have the optimal wavelength and spectrum, which are most effective for plant growth. There are no other light sources that have such characteristics.

Modern Kharkov LEDs are actively used in lighting shops, offices, in shopping centers, on the streets, in country houses, apartments and hotels. Sports facilities, medical institutions, theaters and industrial enterprises of Kharkov is also impossible today to imagine without this modern light source. Unlike ordinary lighting, this type does not produce IR and UV - radiation, which allows it to be used in art galleries, at exhibitions, museums, etc., because it is known that ink, paints, fabrics, etc. Materials are very sensitive To IR and UV - radiation.

If you decide to buy the LED, you can be sure that high -quality products are subjected to the manufacturer testing, which once again confirms the quality and reliability of the LED. Their range of colors allows you to create real light extravaganzes.

Our specialized SPECLED.com.ua LED store offers them blue, yellow, orange, purple, red and green. This is enough for the LED lighting to rejoice and fulfill its main function - economical and high -quality lighting of any objects.