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LED grow light 50W. Cree CXB3590



    LED phytolamp 50W with passive cooling. Ideal for lighting grow box. Calculation for 1m2 is 350-400W. Surpasses in results HPS 400W. Cree. MeanWell.

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Input voltage range: 90-295V;
Installed LEDs: Cree CXB3590 Bin DB 3500K Ra80;
Wavelength/Color Temperature: 3500K
Illumination Color: Warm white
Color Rendering Index - CRI: Ra 80+;
Viewing Angle: 90°
Power Rating: 50W;

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    The SpGrow-50W-CM LED phytolamp is made of the best world standard components. High quality CREE CXB matrix with a top bin DB (the brightest). The maximum power of the CXB3590 matrix is ​​120W, the nominal one is 80W, in the LED lamp the operating mode of the LED is 50W. The matrix is ​​loaded only by 60% of the nominal, which significantly increases the efficiency of the LED and its service life. Heat dissipation is reduced.

The CXB series are more expensive and more productive than the CXA series (not to be confused).

    Power LED matrix - driver from the world leader in power supplies MeanWell. Impeccable quality and high efficiency of 90%.

    Radiator - needle type or "hedgehog" of high quality aluminum. The design of the radiator has a large area and provides natural air convection. Radiator sole thickness of 10mm! Local overheating of the matrix is ​​not possible.

    Borosilicate glass lens, light transmission not less than 97%. Provides reliable protection of the matrix from external influences.

     Lamp application:

    The use of high-performance white LEDs is a relatively new technology, in the USA I have been using it for the industrial cultivation of medical marijuana and not only for several years now. The technology of using white light, as usual, enters the CIS countries with a lag and great difficulties.

    For example, recent studies from Oxford speak of the need for a green spectrum for most plants and a change in the degree of its absorption depending on the intensity. By itself, the green spectrum is not perceived by plants, but in combination with blue and red, it is actively absorbed by various pigments. Japanese scientists claim improved root development when the plant is irradiated with the full spectrum. It's time to finish reading the two-spectrum marketing articles and chlorophyll! Everything is much more complicated.

    Many are well aware of the effectiveness of the use of the HPS lamps. In their spectrum, there is virtually no blue (poor vegetation) but a lot of yellow and orange, there is green. HPS gives good results on flowering and fruiting of most plants. The point is in the spectrum.

    The Cree CXB3590 LED matrix has a higher luminous efficiency and efficiency than a DNaT lamp, as well as a wider spectrum covering the entire PAR range (400-700nm). That is what makes them more efficient and reduces energy costs. In the spectral component is the most digestible peaks of plants 450nm and 660nm. Which are absorbed directly by chlorophyll.

    The conclusion is quite simple. For a complete photoculture in closed spaces, white-light lamps are almost perfect, they significantly increase product quality, but not quantity. If you need to grow seedlings, it is enough to apply two spectral phytolamps red + blue (660nm + 440nm). When growing lettuce, dill, mint, basil and other herbs in closed spaces, it is highly recommended to apply a white glow. A wide range of stimulates the production of nutrients in plants and their acquisition of taste.

    SpGrow-50W-CM LED phytolamp is oriented for use in any type of bulkboxes and closed spaces of a large area. 100% suitable for industrial use. The illumination level at a distance of 30cm is: PPFD - 1015cm, Lux - 72,000 lux (!), The luminous energy is 210W / m2. The intensity of the glow is enough for virtually any light-loving plants.


Alexander S. 02/20/2018

Расчет мощности

Расчет 300-350W на 1м2 в идеале. Начинать можно с 200-250Вт

андрей 12/27/2017


сколько надо таких светильников на 300 см на 450 см для лекарственных растих

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LED grow light 50W. Cree CXB3590

LED grow light 50W. Cree CXB3590

    LED phytolamp 50W with passive cooling. Ideal for lighting grow box. Calculation for 1m2 is 350-400W. Surpasses in results HPS 400W. Cree. MeanWell.

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